New York Shouldn’t Treat the Unvaccinated as Second-Class Citizens

Source: Reason
by Liz Wolfe

“A decree from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that took effect on August 17 requires businesses to ask customers for proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The city is deploying enforcers to make sure that some 23,000 restaurants and 25,000 nightlife spots across the city of 10 million comply. De Blasio presented the ‘Key to NYC’ pass, which will also be required for entry to gyms and concert venues, as New Yorkers’ best shot at freedom. De Blasio’s edict is a deprivation of New Yorkers’ civil liberties. Although de Blasio portrayed the mandate as a ticket out of cyclical lockdowns and onerous capacity restrictions, it obviously will not bestow freedom on all New Yorkers. Those who decline to be vaccinated will be excluded from vast swaths of polite society for the foreseeable future.” (for publication 11/21)