Facebook Was Dead, And for a Few Hours Life Was Good

Source: Common Dreams
by Belen Fernandez

“When the great social media blackout of October 4, 2021, struck, I was in the picturesque village of Himare in southern Albania with my feet propped up on a balcony railing, half-gazing at the Ionian Sea, while impatiently awaiting Al Jazeera’s publication of my latest article on New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. As the blackout happened to coincide with a local internet outage, I first dedicated myself to cursing the Albanian networks and manically refreshing all open tabs on my laptop. The real victim, whether social media is on or off, is a human society that is being hollowed out by screen-time. When the internet returned but the components of Mark Zuckerberg’s digital empire — Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp — still failed to load, I sped over to Twitter to see what was wrong with the world. And much, it seemed, was wrong with the world.” (10/09/21)