Once again, media and Democrats in cahoots

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So Joe Biden’s approval ratings dropped to 38% according to the latest poll. That honeymoon ended faster than Ilhan Omar’s and her brother’s. It’s no surprise, the presidency is unraveling faster than a cardigan caught in a power drill. Just look at the key variables. Foreign policy’s been a disaster. Unless you’re the Taliban and are doing donuts on a soccer field in a U.S. Army jeep. As vice president, Joe went to funerals. As president, he causes them. It’s amazing: this joker has been in politics forever, and the moment he’s put in charge, he wets the oval office rug like a nervous puppy. I wouldn’t trust him with the keys to a Rascal scooter. Inflation now hits American households for an extra 175 bucks a month, which is exactly what Hunter pays the masseuse for a happy ending at the local Super 8.” (10/08/21)