Covid, Vaccination and Infection

Source: Ideas
by David Friedman

“If the question is whether I should get vaccinated in order to protect myself, the main issue is effectiveness against hospitalization or death. If the issue is whether you should get vaccinated to protect me and others, on the other hand, the main issue is by how much vaccination reduces the chance you will get infected and be contagious. People are likely to take fewer precautions against getting infected after they are vaccinated — certainly I did. If effectiveness is down to 20%, even 50%, the chance of infection might easily be as high among the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. Infection of the unvaccinated is more likely to be asymptomatic, in which case the individual is unlikely to know he is infected, hence unlikely to take precautions against transmitting the infection, which increases the chance of transmission.” (10/08/21)