Our job, part III-b: Communications brass tacks

Source: Living Freedom
by Claire Wolfe

“In the early days of the Internet we had a saying: ‘The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.’ Not anymore, it doesn’t! Did John Gilmore make a mistake when he said that back in 1994? That hardly seems likely, as Arpanet, the forerunner and original backbone of the Internet was designed to survive — and route around — nuclear war. Yet today we have trouble routing around Google, Joe Biden, and the NSA. So what happened between then and now? Well, the short version is that although Arpanet could route around A-bombs, Arpanet didn’t have the Worldwide Web. Or graphical browsers. Or billions of clueless users who just wanted easy ways to talk to Grandma or watch porn.” (10/08/21)