FDA Failures And The Public Health Regime

Source: The American Conservative
by Carmel Richardson

“What does it mean for a drug to be safe? The FDA does not claim its approval of a given drug guarantees safety, nor could it. … While the purpose of the FDA is to prevent some truly horrendous concoctions from reaching public use, we also are responsible to choose wisely — which, as an aside, assumes we have a choice. But personal responsibility works in tandem with public trust, which must be earned. What we can and should expect of the FDA is basic competency, honesty, as well as independence from special interests, to merit this trust. As it turns out, the nature of the process by which the agency determines a drug is safe for prescription, and the nature and number of their past failures, suggests theirs is not a stamp worth its standard in health and safety, much less science.” (10/09/21)