Universal Child Care Could Revolutionize [sic] the Economy

Source: In These Times
by staff

“As with healthcare, paid family leave and most other nice things, the United States is an outlier among rich countries when it comes to support for parents with young children. The U.S. once had an immensely effective universal child care program. During WWII, the federal government funded public child care centers in communities where women had stepped into the workforce. But when the war ended, so did the child care. While it lasted, the Lanham Act established centers that cared for over half a million children. Well-trained and well-paid educators taught classes of no more than 10. Women of color were hired, though some of the centers were segregated. Doctors and nurses provided check-ups onsite.” [editor’s note: Every now and then, instead of posting an individual or 2-person rant, this site goes for “opinion by committee” and proves how LCD that can be – SAT] (06/08/21)