Friday Fundraiser Update

Thanks to SZ, PD, and TH! Their contributions yesterday, totaling $102.99, bring our year-end fundraiser total (as of 5am EDT) to $277.99!

Our goal is $5,150 — but thanks to supporter GL’s dollar-for-dollar “matching funds” offer, we only have to raise $2,575 from the rest of you to reach the goal! Help us do that at:

We’re only 7.6% of the way through the fundraiser period (October 1 thru December 31), but we’re 10.8% of the way to our goal!

I’m told that short paragraphs, lots of exclamation marks, and flogging the donation link frequently in large font are key elements of effective fundraiser writing!

But seriously: It’s always good to be ahead of the curve. As soon as we hit the goal I get to stop hectoring you about money for the rest of the year (and, mostly, for the first nine months of NEXT year).

Speaking of NEXT year, it will be our 20th year as Rational Review News Digest and we’ll hit our 5,000th edition in this format (this year is our 30th overall, going back to the establishment of Libernet in 1991).

I’d say we’re something of a proven product. Thousands of readers value their daily dose of news, commentary and audio/video enough to read and use it. Our revenue model is to offer it free at “point of sale,” then ask you to consider what it’s worth to you and return value for value. Please do that today at:

To get us closer to the goal, faster, I’m setting a “weekend mini-goal” — help us double our current take with ANOTHER $277.99 by Monday morning! That link once again (and “our operators are ALWAYS standing by!”) is:

Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily