16-million-year-old tardigrade discovered in amber is a “once in a generation” find

Source: CNet

“A long, long time ago, a miniscule animal met its end in a sticky trap of tree resin. Sixteen million years later, that tiny tardigrade fossil was discovered in Dominican amber. It’s now something of a science celebrity. Talk about a glow-up. The fossil tardigrade is remarkable for its rarity and for being a new species and a new genus. Tardigrades are known as ‘water bears’ due to their appearance when seen under a microscope …. They’re nearly invincible, able to survive exposure to space and even being shot out of a gas gun (to a point). … ‘The discovery of a fossil tardigrade is truly a once-in-a-generation event,’ said co-author Phil Barden in a New Jersey Institute of Technology statement on Tuesday. Barden’s lab found the fossil.” (10/07/21)