AZ: Gang Enforcer’s Death Attributed to His Part in Conspiracy to Steal Cannabis

Source: New York Times

“First, came a tip. Then, not so discreetly, investigators say, an Amtrak passenger stowed three bags in another row and returned to his seat just as drug enforcement agents boarded a crowded train on Monday morning during a stop in Tucson, Ariz. A search of those bags on the train platform yielded more than five pounds of ‘bulk marijuana,’ 50 packages of marijuana edibles (3.5-gram servings of ‘Gooberz’) and other cannabis products, according to a federal criminal complaint. That was when a ‘routine’ sweep by a drug enforcement task force turned deadly: One federal agent was killed, another was critically wounded and a Tucson police officer was hospitalized in stable condition after a second [robbery victim] who had gone back onto the train opened fire on them.” (10/07/21)