LA: Jean Lafitte mayor says government levee system was disastrous for his town

Source: Fox News

“A levee system the federal government built after Hurricane Katrina helped destroy a small Louisiana town, according to the community’s mayor. The system was intended to safeguard New Orleans during severe weather. But many small towns south of the city, including Jean Lafitte, were not incorporated into the system, leaving them vulnerable to flooding and storm surge. ‘We lost inside the levee protection by inches,’ Jean Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner told Fox News. The Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System is a series of levees, floodwalls, gauge structures and pump stations that form a 133-mile perimeter around Greater New Orleans. It includes the West Closure Complex — considered the largest water pump in the world. During Hurricane Ida, the pump was turned on to reduce the risk of storm surge. Kerner said the pump dumped the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool onto his town every four seconds during the storm.” (10/07/21)