What happened to the progressive women who once cared about women?

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“Happy Wednesday everyone. Another glorious day in the People’s Republic of Biden. Where every day the great unifier leads us down a path of chaos. But before we dive in, it’s time for seven jokes. Not to be confused with the CNN lineup. A Florida teacher has been arrested for having sex with a student in her car on multiple occasions. When asked about it, she said it wasn’t sex. She was showing the kid how to drive a stick. She’s been fired, although there’s a school-wide petition demanding she still teach driver’s ed. Katie Couric is getting called a ‘misogynist’ for her new memoir, in which she trashes other women and glosses over her connections to perverts like Matt Lauer and Jeffery Epstein. Defenders say that’s unfair, and point out her charity work for the Ted Bundy foundation.” (10/07/21)