Facebook Fallout

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“There’s no question that our society today in America is divided. Some blame Trump. Some blame Clinton. But in many respects, today’s divisiveness is the fault of that trillion-dollar social media app that so many folks are addicted to. There’s just something about Facebook. Even before the recent whistleblower news, we all knew it already, didn’t we? You can almost feel it whenever you’re on the Facebook platform … the hate, the vitriol, the insanity. A few years ago, a grade-school music teacher, who had at one time been my mentor, lashed out at me on Facebook because I had expressed support for the Trump tax cuts. Her reaction was out of left field, and super aggressive. What could possibly cause people to go into a total attack mode on a seemingly harmless social media app? Well, now we may know why.” (10/07/21)