Italy: Mussolini’s granddaughter wins Rome election for far right party but insists surname is a “burden”

Source: Yahoo! News

“One of the granddaughters of fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini has won a second term as a city councillor in Rome’s municipality elections, while admitting to the ‘burdensome’ impact of her family name. Rachele Mussolini, 47, insists the Mussolini surname is a ‘burden’ she wants nothing to do with. Ms Mussolini, who stood for the far-right Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia) party, registered a thumping victory on Wednesday. She clinched 8,200 votes, the highest for any candidate in the municipal election that was conducted on Sunday and Monday. The two-term city councillor told an Italian newspaper that she wants to be known for her ‘hard work’ instead of the reputation of her family name, adding that she has ‘many left-wing friends.'” (10/07/21)