Here’s How to Solve Bitter School Board Battles without Sending in the FBI

Source: Cato Institute
by Neal McCluskey

“From Day One, public schooling has been a political and social battleground. From conflicts over whose religion would be taught in Horace Mann’s ‘common schools,’ to the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, to critical race theory, public schooling has forced Americans to fight one another. It is inevitable in a system that requires all, diverse people to fund politically controlled schools. … The solution is to embrace the foundational American value: liberty. Instead of requiring people to fund government institutions, let money follow children to schools or other educational arrangements their families choose.” [editor’s note: Of course, McCluskey wants the taxpayer to fund those “choices,”
which in reality means turning private education into government education and starting the problematic cycle all over again – TLK] (10/07/21)