Using Tyranny to Prevent Tyranny: A Warning Standing Armies

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by TJ Martinell

“One of the forgotten values of the American Founders was their deeply held opposition to a permanent standing army. This was born of experience. In late 1763, at the end of the French and Indian War, the British decided to station 10,000 troops for ‘protection,’ and to keep many of the troops from being out of work. … By 1770, concerns over the standing armies became reality, when the occupying British Army resulted in the Massacre in Boston. Following the Revolution, those apprehensions persisted during debates around the proposed Constitution. … As we’ve seen throughout America’s own history, crises — real or imagined — have been used to justify large government in one form or another, whether it’s debasing the currency, raising or creating new taxes, and of course, increasing the military’s size and budget. Naturally, this incentives politicians to find or generate fear among the people of anything that creates an excuse for a perpetual military force.” (10/07/21)