What Is Diversity? And Why Is It Valuable?

Source: Quillette
by Justin P McBrayer

“Suppose I just get back from vacation, and you ask me how it went. ‘Oh, it was wonderful,’ I say, ‘There was such diversity.’ That wouldn’t answer your question at all. Instead, you’d want to know two things: Diversity of what? And why would that sort of diversity make the vacation better? It doesn’t make sense to speak about diversity, full stop. There’s only diversity of this or that. And diversity isn’t always valuable. In fact, different types of diversity are valuable for different reasons. If I had said that my vacation was wonderful because there was a diversity of restaurants, activities, and so forth, my answer would have been perfectly sensible. But without that qualification, talk of diversity alone is meaningless. Despite this, higher education continues to talk about diversity in the abstract.” (10/06/21)