Will Biden Continue the JFK Assassination Cover-Up?

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“In the 1990s, in response to public pressure, Congress enacted the JFK Records Act, which required the Pentagon, the CIA, and other federal agencies to finally disclose their assassination-related records to the public. … Unfortunately, someone slipped a provision into the JFK Records Act that permitted the CIA, the Pentagon, and other federal agencies to delay disclosure of their assassination-related records for another 25 years. … When that deadline came due, guess what the CIA did then. It declared that ‘national security’ required even more years of secrecy! And guess who fell for it. That would be President Donald Trump …. The new deadline for release of the still-secret records was now October 2021. Why will the CIA do prior to this October? There is no question about it. It will undoubtedly pressure President Biden into extending the time for ‘national-security’ secrecy even more.” (06/08/21)