Democracy dies when freedom of speech is restricted

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“The left’s violent turn against freedom of speech is a tragedy. It is contributing to a culture of self-censorship, with many people increasingly unwilling to express their true thoughts in public, lest a mob brand them transphobic, Islamophobic, or some other phobic. It is allowing the right to pose as the true defenders of freedom of speech, which is far from the truth. From wanting to give heavy jail sentences to anyone who damages a statue to threatening to clamp down hard on noisy protests, modern right-wingers make deeply unconvincing libertines. And the new censorship empties politics of the honesty and openness it needs in order to thrive. Democracy demands freedom of speech. It requires that all ideas get a hearing, and that we trust the public to decide which of these ideas are good and which are naff.” (10/05/21)