Slovenia: Regime thugs attack anti-fascist protesters with chemical weapons

Source: San Antonio Express-News

“Police fired tear gas and water cannons at anti-government protesters in Slovenia’s capital Tuesday, the eve of a major European Union summit. Hundreds of protesters showed up to oppose the Slovenian government’s pandemic restrictions, and the confrontation was the third such incident in Ljubljana within a month. … A police helicopter hovered over the capital’s downtown as police fired tear gas and water cannons as protesters tried to march through downtown Ljubljana. Police sirens wailed throughout the city. Slovenian authorities have introduced tough requirements for the use of COVID-19 passes, including for going to work in all state-run firms. People must show that they are either fully vaccinated or that they have taken an expensive PCR test. The protesters carried banners reading ‘Stop Corona Fascism’ and demanded equal rights for both those who are vaccinated and those who are not.” (10/05/21)