Why Masks? Control, Power, and Revenue

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“[Masks] became a thing in the Spring of 2020 simply because our leaders couldn’t think of anything else to tell people to do to control the pathogen. They gave us a talisman. And they created a visual to remind everyone to panic. It was always silly …. This reliance on dehumanizing edicts is new and it’s failed. So why do the mask mandates persist? There are many theories. The ruling class is unwilling to admit error so it keeps doubling and tripling down on absurdities. Maybe they have become sadistic. Masks also work to signal political obedience and ferret out enemies of the state who do not go along. If government wants a subjugated population of undifferentiated automatons, universal mask mandates take a solid step in that direction. And yet I just found out another reason: revenue.” (10/05/21)