UT : McMullin challenges Lee for US Senate seat

Source: St. George News

“Former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin launched a campaign Tuesday to challenge Republican Sen. Mike Lee in Utah, a conservative state where McMullin made inroads with voters uncomfortable with then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. McMullin, a former CIA agent and congressional aide to Republicans, settled in Utah after capturing more than 20% of the state’s presidential vote in 2016. In a tweet announcing his campaign Tuesday, he said ‘extremism, division and conspiracy now threaten our quality of life and democratic republic.’ The brand of conservatism popular in Utah, by contrast, tends to seek more of a middle ground and values politeness — qualities that initially made many voters uncomfortable with Trump.” [editor’s note: So Egg McMuffin is trying again? I wonder how much Democratic money is behind him to split the GOPer vote this time – SAT] (10/05/21)