If You’re Not an Emotionless Cyborg, You Must Read This Essay

Source: American Consequences
by Dan Ferris

“I have proclaimed quite a few times recently that ‘this is a bubble.’ Naturally, as soon as I say it’s a bubble, a crazy story appears in the industry prone to the weirdest financial excesses, suggesting the current bubble is as frenzied as ever. And like last week, another corner of the stock market (which I’ve mentioned previously) now suggests that the stock market may have already begun to top out. Before we move on, just to be clear, I did not just call the top of the bull market. By now, you know that I don’t do predictions … And I certainly don’t call tops and bottoms. My goal today is not to call the top. Instead, I simply want to give you a sneak peek of what it feels like at the top.” (10/05/21)