Stop Calling the Military Budget a “Defense” Budget

Source: Common Dreams
by Norman Solomon

“It’s bad enough that mainstream news outlets routinely call the Pentagon budget a ‘defense’ budget. But the fact that progressives in Congress and even many antiwar activists also do the same is an indication of how deeply the mindsets of the nation’s warfare state are embedded in the political culture of the United States. The misleading first name of the Defense Department doesn’t justify using ‘defense’ as an adjective for its budget. On the contrary, the ubiquitous use of phrases like ‘defense budget’ and ‘defense spending’ (virtually always written with a lower-case ‘d’) reinforces the false notion that equates the USA’s humongous military operations with ‘defense.’ In the real world, the United States spends more money on its military than the next 10 countries all together. And most of those countries are military allies.” (10/05/21)