Collins to step down as head of US NIH

Source: CNN

“Dr. Francis Collins, the folksy, guitar-playing director of the National Institutes of Health, announced Tuesday that he plans to step down as head of the gigantic research agency by the end of the year. … Collins, who has served three US presidents for more than 12 years, will continue to lead his research laboratory at the National Human Genome Research Institute, according to the announcement. … As NIH director, Collins oversees the world’s largest biomedical agency with a budget of nearly $52 billion. NIH gives out close to $42 billion every year for medical research and 6,000 scientists work in its own laboratories on the sprawling NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, right outside Washington, DC.” [editor’s note: Hopefully he’ll take his underling, Anthony Fauci, with him – TLK] (10/05/21)