Australia: Perrottet won’t advance timetable for winding down New South Wales police state regime

Source: Danbury NewsTimes

“The new government leader of Australia’s most populous state said Tuesday he would stick with a timetable of starting to reopen New South Wales next week. Dominic Perrottet was treasurer in Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s government when she announced last week she was resigning because she was under investigation by a corruption watchdog. He defeated Planning Minister Rob Stokes in a ballot of lawmakers in their conservative Liberal Party 39-5 on Tuesday to become the next premier. The leadership change comes at a critical time of the pandemic as New South Wales attempts to emerge from a lockdown that began on June 26. There was speculation that Perrottet, who is more conservative than his predecessor and an opponent of lockdowns, would lift restrictions early.” (10/04/21)