Forget the Peace Process, the Focus Now Should be on Restoring Civil Rights to Palestinians

Source: CounterPunch
by Patrick Cockburn

“Foreign governments sense that the Israel/Palestinian confrontation is erupting once again, and have returned to spouting moth-eaten cliches about ‘a two-state solution,’ safe in the knowledge that this is not going to happen. On the contrary, such empty and discredited rhetoric about a non-existent peace process serves only as an excuse for not seeking practical ways to improve the lives of the seven million Palestinians — the same number as Israeli Jews — living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Pursuit of a chimerical Palestinian state that, in any foreseeable political situation, is not going to be more than a collection of beleaguered Bantustans, has become a culpable diversion from seeking equal civil rights and personal security for Palestinians.” (06/08/21)