Sensemaking in the Era of Authoritarian Media

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Max Borders

“We’re living in an information Hall of Mirrors. That means everything we consume — whether articles, memes, videos, or the nightly news — should invite our suspicion. It’s hard to tell what’s true anymore. Ordinary people have not only lost faith in ‘the institutions,’ they have lost faith in the media as a particular kind of institution. … Journalism has devolved from being a truth-tracking enterprise into a mechanism of behavioral control by powerful elites. (Glenn Greenwald offers some proof about just how authoritarian this nexus has become.) Call that nexus of political elites and journalism the Authoritarian Media. The trouble is, those elites didn’t plan on so many people losing faith so quickly. That loss of faith is a good thing up to a point, but we still need a better way to make sense of the world.” (10/04/21)