Italy: Puigdemont faces extradition hearing

Source: Seattle Times

“Catalonia’s former [president] Carles Puigdemont faced a hearing Monday on the Italian island of Sardinia to decide whether to extradite him to Spain, where he is [not from but stands] accused of sedition. Puigdemont was arrested Sept. 23 in Sardinia, where he had arrived from his home in Belgium to attend a Catalan cultural festival at the invitation of a Sardinian separatist movement. He was freed by a judge a day later pending Monday’s extradition hearing. … Prosecutors have asked the judge to suspend Puigdemont’s extradition proceedings. A judge doesn’t have to accept the prosecutor’s request, but it does signal that there is not a desire to extradite him to Spain. … Puigdemont, 58, has successfully avoided extradition since taking up residence in Waterloo, Belgium, after leading [the secession of] the relatively wealthy Catalonia region [formerly situated] in Spain’s northeast.” (10/04/21)