American Democracy’s Doomsayers Need to Take a Deep Breath

Source: Commentary
by Noah Rothman

“Democracy in the United States of America is under withering assault, and Republicans are the sole prosecutors of this pitiless campaign. That is the narrative taking hold in the mainstream press. Thus, we’re treated to op-eds defining ours as a time of such ‘existential’ political peril that it rivals the Civil War and World War II. This, we are told, is a ‘now-or-never moment’ — a time when little ‘r’ republicans of good conscience must rise up against the big ‘r’ sort. And when even Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin refuse to support efforts to rein in the GOP’s wretchedly autocratic impulses on the grounds that those very reforms represent a threat to democracy, they, too, are deemed seditionists bent on democracy’s destruction. Clearly, when the terms of engagement are this broad, we need to better define those terms.” (06/07/21)