While Americans Sleep, Our Corporate Overlords Make Progress Impossible

Source: Common Dreams
by Ralph Nader

“‘Polarization’ is the word most associated with the positions of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The mass media and the commentators never tire of this focus, in part because such clashes create the flashes conducive to daily coverage. Politicians from both parties exploit voters who don’t do their homework on voting records and let the lawmakers use the people’s sovereign power (remember the Constitution’s ‘We the People’) against them on behalf of the big corporate bosses. The quiet harmony between the two parties created by the omnipresent power of Big Business and other powerful single-issue lobbyists is often the status quo. That’s why there are so few changes in this country’s politics. In many cases, the similarities of both major parties are tied to the fundamental concentration of power by the few over the many.” (10/02/21)