Hucksters on Parade: Today’s CEOs are essentially carnival barkers

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“Today’s titans of industry, the men (and they mostly are men) who have shaped modern business, are essentially Ron Popeil, minus his integrity. They are known as founders, a combination of inventor, CEO, showman, and cultural symbol. They sell the same dreams of a better life, although somehow, their lives are the only ones that materially improve. But their audience is different from Popeil’s. Instead of insomniacs seeking refuge, today’s founders aim their pitches at investors, even while their products are ultimately consumed by the masses. If you can persuade a handful of people to part with billions of dollars, rather than getting millions of people to part with a few bucks, your product doesn’t have to be good or novel or even healthy.” (10/01/21)