A Case Study in NIMBY Entitlement

Source: Model Citizen
by Will Wilkinson

“John Mirisch, former mayor of Beverly Hills mayor and a current city council member, recently graced us with a truly astonishing CalMatters op-ed on the theme that, basically, moderate zoning reform is the real racism. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘No way! Nobody in their right mind would suggest that support for slightly less restrictive land use policy is a form of hatefully invidious discrimination.’ Think again! That’s exactly what he does. It’s an amazing case study in NIMBY entitlement …. It’s hard not admire the chutzpah of Mirisch’s attempt to cast residence in a detached single-family house with a yard (garden? wtf?) as a ‘lifestyle choice.’ But the issue is precisely that in places like Mirisch’s Beverly Hills, where the median home price is $3 million, owning a single-family home (with or without a ‘garden’) is a lifestyle choice that is open to approximately no one.” (10/01/21)