Germany: 96-year-old who went on the run to skip Nazi war crimes trial arrested

Source: NBC News

“A 96-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after fleeing in a taxi before her trial on charges of aiding and abetting mass murder in a Nazi concentration camp …. Local media reported that the woman had left an old people’s home in the city of Quickborn and was heading toward a train station in the small town, which is around 60 miles south of the Danish border. The woman was later arrested around 35 miles away in a suburb of Hamburg, police told NBC News. … Identified by German media outlets as Irmgard Furchner, she is accused of contributing as an 18-year-old to the murder of 11,412 people when she was a typist at the Stutthof concentration camp from 1943 to 1945.” (09/30/21)