In This Monopoly Game, We All Lose

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“On the eve of a potential government shutdown, lawmakers seem to think this is all one big game of Monopoly. We know the Democrat in charge of the United States Budget Committee Representative, John Yarmuth, does. He told an audience of local business owners this summer. We are not like a business. We don’t have to balance our checkbooks. We are like the banker in Monopoly, we create the money and everyone else plays the game with it. Well, if that’s not an argument for looming inflation, I’m not quite sure what is. This is how surreal the world has become — and how entitled our politicians believe they are. They‘re the bankers in a giant game of monopoly … We‘re just the renting serfs trying to hopscotch around the board in the hopes of not getting hit with a ‘Chance’ card’s giant tax bill.” (09/30/21)