Privatize the CBC

Source: EconLog
by Walter Block

“Governments the world over are taking more and more control over the print and electronic media. China has just closed down Apple Daily and incarcerated its founder and publisher Jimmy Lai. The countries with the least press freedom are North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, China, Djibouti, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Laos, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. Canada, happily, is on that list. But the Great White North is located further down this totalitarian road than its neighbor to the south. None of the fifty states, nor the U.S. government, own any local newspapers, radio or television stations. Yes, there is the Public Broadcasting Service. But the PBS is privately owned; it is not a branch of government. In sharp contrast, Canada has its Canadian Broadcasting Company which is part and parcel of government. It is supported by tax revenues.” (09/30/21)