“Dry scooping”: Latest TikTok trend could be dangerous for your heart

Source: Fox News

“TikTok is chockful of so-called ‘life hacks’ and fitness trends, but one alleged tip involving ‘dry scooping’ reportedly caused major health issues for at least two users, including one who claims she had a heart attack. So what is this latest gimmick, and can it really cause a heart attack? If done with extremely high levels of caffeine, yes, says one cardiologist. ‘This fad is similar to the ephedrine craze for weight loss that is now banned,’ Dr. Satjit Bhusri, cardiologist and founder of Upper East Side Cardiology, told Fox News. ‘The intent behind dry scooping is to allow the performance-enhancing supplements pre-workout to enter the bloodstream faster than the typical pre-workout drink.’ Rather than mixing the pre-workout powder into a diluted drink of either milk or water, the TikTok fad sees users swallow the powder dry and then chase it with a liquid.” (06/07/21)