It’s Time To End Government-Run Schooling

Source: Heartland Institute
by Larry Sand

“The National Center for Education Statistics recently published K-12 enrollment data for the 2020–21 school year, and it showed a 3% drop — about 1.5 million kids from the previous year. … where are the escapees going? Some parents are availing themselves of the new private [sic] school options throughout the country. According to the latest available data, 18 states have created seven new choice [sic] programs and expanded 21 existing ones this year. … Charter schools also have experienced more growth in 2020-21 than they have in the past six years, according to data released last week from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. … Additionally, homeschooling has been booming. … With so many government-run schools not meeting their customers’ expectations, perhaps it’s time to think about doing away with them. Entirely.” [editor’s note: Charter schools and “choice” programs that turn “private” schools into de facto government schools ARE government-run schooling – TLK] (09/28/21)