FDA approves much-debated Alzheimer’s drug panned by experts

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Government health officials on Monday approved the first new drug for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly 20 years, disregarding warnings from independent advisers that the much-debated treatment hasn’t been shown to help slow the brain-destroying disease. The Food and Drug Administration said it granted approval to the drug from Biogen based on results that seemed ‘reasonably likely’ to benefit Alzheimer’s patients. It’s the only drug that U.S. regulators have said can likely treat the underlying disease, rather than manage symptoms like anxiety and insomnia.” [editor’s note: It would have been nice if FDA had applied the “reasonably likely” standard to COVID-19 vaccine emergency use authorizations instead of dragging its heels for six months after they were deemed safe – TLK] (06/07/21)