Following Rush Limbaugh

Source: American Consequences
by Buck Sexton

“Some kids my age wanted to be the next Michael Jordan or Kurt Cobain. Me? I just wanted to talk politics on the mic. And in my young imagination, there was no brighter rock star than the incomparable Rush Limbaugh. After Watergate, the corporate media took a distinctly liberal tone in America. This Leftist-editorial slant has since metastasized and spread to our social media platforms, so much so that you’d think the likes of the New York Times or Twitter were colluding with the DNC. But before Fox News, with a media landscape monopolized by Democrat messaging, emerged Rush, like an unstoppable fire-spewing force of nature, leaving a trail of melted PC snowflakes in his wake. His signature opening monologues were like favorite songs of mine, both severely entertaining and scathingly on-point. He was America’s Anchorman, the pied piper for all lost conservative voices.” (06/07/21)