Guinea: Junta releases “transitional charter”

Source: Westport News

“Guinea’s military junta has released a transitional charter that outlines the missions and duties of the transitional government and bars any members of the junta from running in elections that will eventually return the West African nation to civilian rule. Lt. Col. Mamady Doumbouya, who led the Sept. 5 coup, will serve as the president in a transition that will remain in place until it determines an election date. … The charter outlines a government that is headed by a civilian prime minister and a National Transitional Council that will serve as parliament. … all those taking part in the transition will be banned from running in the next national and local elections, the charter states, adding that this is ‘a provision that is not subject to revision.’ The charter also banned members of deposed president Alpha Conde’s party from running.” (09/28/21)