Military threats to the Fifty States: A subverted military

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“The American military system, like MOST of our systems, is unique and definitely on the weird side. Despite our constant efforts to export that system, virtually no one else has anything like it. (For good reason, let me add.) It has also changed a lot over the past 400+ years, often for the worse. The American military system often does not deserve the label ‘system’ because it is often chaotic, has huge problems, and is just plain confusing. Indeed, it is pretty poor — until you compare it to the rest that the world and human history has to offer.” [editor’s note: Barton is far from the first person to weirdly assert that an American general assuring a foreign counterpart that the US armed forces would follow, rather than violate, the US Constitution somehow constitutes “treason” – TLK] (09/27/21)