What Exactly Are These People “Experts” On?

Source: Town Hall
Derek Hunter

“The year of the pandemic was the best thing to happen to cable news — a captive audience stuck at home with a reason to tune in regularly. They really hate to see it end. CNN’s ratings have cratered even greater than their credibility, which didn’t seem humanly possible considering they employ Chris Cuomo. The other networks and print outlets haven’t suffered the same fate, at least not yet. But whatever media emerges from this year of failure, mis- and disinformation should be viewed with the same skepticism and contempt CNN rightly finds itself in the center of. Everyone got something wrong in the last year, just as everyone gets something wrong every year. We’re human, screwing up and getting things wrong is what we do. But we’re different from the animals because we can learn from those mistakes.” (06/06/21)