Harris’s Guatemala & Mexico trip likely to emphasize non-government cooperation

Source: Reuters

“U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Guatemala and Mexico this week is likely to emphasize cooperation with non-government organizations, amid some criticism from local officials over the timing and thrust of her mission to curb migration to the United States from the region, advisers and experts said. The vice president’s first overseas trip since taking office, which starts on Sunday, will focus on economic development, climate and food insecurity and women’s issues, White House officials say. Harris’s advisers said she will meet with community leaders, workers and entrepreneurs, and have repeatedly sought to lower short-term expectations from the three-day trip, highlighting her focus on root causes for migration such as corruption that have plagued the countries for years. Harris will land in Guatemala on Sunday and fly to Mexico on June 8 where she will spend the day.” (06/06/21)