PA: Naked Bike Riders Have to Wear Just One Item

Source: Newser

“Philadelphia bike riders won’t need their shirts, pants, skirts or even underwear — just a mask. Organizers of the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride say this year’s event will take place Aug. 28 and will require masks, based on the city’s earlier coronavirus restrictions. The city lifted most of its COVID-19 rules this week, citing an increase in vaccinations and a decrease in cases. But ride organizers said they hadn’t had a chance to chat since the city’s guidelines changed so for the time being, they’re ‘going to stick with our initial mask guidance.’ Lead organizer Wesley Noonan-Sessa said they’ll keep an eye on what the city says in the next month or so.” [editor’s note: So being out in the wide outdoors, and exerting energy and respiration while getting exercise and sunlight … requires a MASK? Now who is “ignoring the science?” – SAT] (06/05/21)