Mexico votes on AMLO’s “transformation” at mid-term

Source: Spectrum News 1

“Mexicans went to the polls Sunday to elect the entire lower house of Congress, almost half the country’s governors and most mayors in a vote that will determine whether President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party gets the legislative majority it needs to continue his ‘Fourth Transformation’ of Mexico. Lopez Obrador’s critics have depicted the elections as a chance to stop the still-popular president from concentrating more power and weakening checks and balances. The president says the opposition is dominated by conservatives who oppose his campaign against corruption and wasteful spending. Lopez Obrador has complained about courts and independent regulatory agencies that have blocked some of his tougher proposals to empower state-owned industries. Opponents fear that if he wins a majority, he may try to subjugate courts and regulatory agencies created during Mexico’s decades-long transition to full democracy.” (06/06/21)