UFOs Were Born Among America’s Cold War Fears

Source: Foreign Policy
by Kate Dorsch

“[T]he U.S. military complex has been investigating reports of strange aerial phenomena for almost 75 years. Understanding UFOs and UAPs as historically embedded in airborne global war and U.S. national security concerns explains why they are an object of investigation and inquiry, why those investigations continue, and why sightings and witnesses maintain a persistent power to keep the U.S. public engaged and questioning — as it has several times in the past. U.S. military involvement with the ‘UFO question’ (What are they? Where do they come from?) dates back to the summer of 1947 and the birth of the modern UFO. We can track the modern UFO or ‘flying saucer’ to the pilot and UFO godfather Kenneth Arnold’s ur-sighting in late June 1947.” [editor’s note: Apparently Dorsch hasn’t studied World War 2 (“foo fighters”). Or, for that matter, Ezekiel 1:16 – TLK] (06/06/21)