Why most federal land holdings are unconstitutional and why you should care

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Rob Natelson

“This summer has been quite a wildfire season in the western United States. Uncontrollable fires are becoming increasingly common in the West, but many people in other parts of the country do not understand why. This ignorance makes citizens prey to propaganda about fires being caused by ‘global warming,’ reduces resistance to authoritarian schemes such as the Biden administration’s ’30 by 30′ program, and impairs understanding the real reasons for the blazes. Here’s the most important underlying cause of the fires: federal land ownership. The feds currently hold title to 28 percent of the nation’s land area, and they control the uses of that land. The results are characteristic of other government-owned (socialized) enterprises: They are subject to political pressures, bad incentives, and defective information. The resulting mismanagement promotes uncontrollable wildfire.” (09/15/21)