How Quickly Our Freedoms Were Taken Away

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Joel Bowman

“Had you told your average Aussie back in March of last year that he would not be heading on his annual football retreat to his beloved Bali … indeed, that he would not be permitted to leave his island home — indefinitely — he’d have laughed you out of the pub. ‘That’s the kind of carry-on they play at in commie nations,’ he’d have replied. ‘This ain’t North Korea, mate!’ Today, there’s a better than average chance that same scoffing larikan is under house arrest … unable to leave his home but for one paltry hour of exercise per day (during which he must carry his ‘papers’ and may reasonably expect to be monitored by police helicopter. No joke.) If he is a single bloke, living alone and in need of some company, he must register his proposed partner with his state government before requesting permission for an ‘adult sleepover.'” (09/14/21)