The Amazon is Not Enough to Hold James Bond

Source: Garrison Center
by Joel Schlosberg

“‘Even James Bond Needs Protection’ warned John Logan, whose pen helped create the fictional spy’s most recent cinematic adventures, in a New York Times guest essay on June 2. Is Bond menaced by Vladimir Putin’s Russia reviving the KGB, or perhaps a betrayal by his American sidekick Felix Leiter under orders from the CIA? Or is he finally taking precautions against contracting an STD? The three-letter words in the new threat are instead ‘WWW,’ ‘dot’ and ‘com.’ To be sure,, Inc. may not have the lairs in the Amazon river basin and outer space of Bond movie villain Hugo Drax. But its mastery of international distribution chains and communications satellite networks has given it the power to reduce Bond’s formerly regal home studio, MGM, to just another sideshow under its big tent of products.” (06/05/21)